Woodland’s Farmhouse, Doynton


Refurbishment of Existing Cottage

Woodland's Farmhouse is a 17th Century cottage, located in the village of Doynton.

The traditional building, constructed with stone walls and gable roofs, still contained original joists, stud walls and floor boards, upon beginning work. Due to the poor condition of the joists, areas were replaced with new timbers, keeping existing timber where possible. The existing floor finish in the kitchen area, which was in a state of disrepair, was removed, and the suspended timber floor was altered to prepare for a new kitchen.



We retained a large number of internal features, such as the oak beams spanning across the ceilings. 

The property did not have a sufficient water system, due to the poor pressure from the mains. We installed a pressure booster system to improve the water pressure to modern standards. 

We also installed insulation to the internal sides of the main cottage, to improve the U-Values of the overall wall, making the house more energy efficient.

The stable building, a portal frame structure constructed in one side with reinforced concrete and the other side steel, was adapted to provide a suitable area for equestrian use.

Internal walls were removed, and the area was painted and boarded, with new concrete floors and cleaning areas.